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Happy Clockday!

2011-08-15 03:55:53 by KaijuClock

2 flashes, more on the way. Happy clockday!

In the wake of this, i realized i should make a flash. Last night after having a quick vomit because apparently Waffle House killed my stomach, i started working on an opus. I had no clue it would actually turn into my Clockday Flash, personally i dont usually make flash cause i feel my animation skills are shit, but it did. After 5 hours and 2.25 Megabytes later, i created that which i will call "The Search For Zombie Lincoln". Look forward to seeing this on clockday, for if it doest well i might make sequels!

i will enclose an image screenshot!

on the verge of clockday, i cant help but think about the other 4 years i did nothing

WELL HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, id like to pretty much introduce myself. I AM GIRCLOCK, the name is different on here for copywrite reasons, ive been a non contributing member of the awesome assed clockcrew for around 5 years, the most i do is write a story, tell a joke, draw in flash and flame people, im a pretty good artist if i do say myself, just no patience to turn a 3 hour drawing into a 10 minute peice of work taking 5 days to fucking make, you see, anyways, <3 fuck ya later NG~!
enclosed picture just for you ng, its me


i want an angry face emoticon

2007-07-22 07:58:57 by KaijuClock

i think ill steal this one